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Asbestos Removal

Our team of certified technicians follows proper regulations for removing asbestos safely

Asbestos Testing

We collect samples of all suspect materials and lab test it to know for certain if asbestos is present.

Asbestos Concealment

In some circumstances it is safe to leave asbestos as it is and conceal it with new materials.


Our clients often ask us to rebuild buildings that they hired us to remove asbestos from.

Asbestos Removal

The process of asbestos abatement


Inspect and plan: 

The first step in an asbestos abatement is to create a comprehensive scope of all the material that needs to be removed. Once the breadth of the project is clearly defined we create a detailed plan on the necessary processes and precautions to properly remove the hazardous materials from the property. 

Proper demarcation

Once the plan is in place, your contractors must clearly mark the hazardous area and inform all building occupants to leave the area until completion and clearance testing is performed.


Setting up a regulated work area: 

Air ducts should be sealed, the HVAC system must be disabled, and any areas not being treated should be securely sealed off with thick plastic sheets along with air pressure differential and filtration. The consultant should inspect the work area preparation prior to the abatement contractor starting actual asbestos removal or repair work.

asbestos tile removal contractors
Asbestos removal contractors

removing material: 

The abatement contractor will utilize hand tools and wet methods to remove or repair the ACBM. During the process, the contractors will wear protective clothing and respirators to protect themselves. The ACBM will be placed into asbestos waste disposal bags, sealed, and removed through a decontamination unit designed with a protective lining. They will also establish a decontamination chamber, adjacent to the work area containment, with a shower to be used for exiting the work area.


high-efficiency particulate air (hepa) vacuuming

Special vacuums with HEPA filtration intended for asbestos removal work will be used to minimize dispersing of asbestos fibers during the work and for cleaning of surfaces.


final cleaning

After all ACBM in the work area has been removed (or repaired depending on the project) and all work area surfaces have been fully cleaned with wet methods and HEPA vacuuming, the Company hired should perform their independent inspection and also conduct clearance air sampling pursuant to state and federal requirements. The work area barriers and air filtration should not be removed until the clearance testing is complete, and the work area meets the clearance criteria set forth in the abatement work plan.