Pros and cons of 6 different Siding Materials


We remove, repair, and install new siding. Whether you need asbestos-containing siding removed or non-hazardous siding, we are capable of both. We provide a full suite of services from the tear off to the replacement and painting. We do every type of siding project mentioned in this post, as well as others! If you have questions about a potential project feel free to give us a call.


engineered wood

Engineered wood is a viable budget option for re-siding your house. It’s a composite of wood and resin mixed with wax and heat pressed for structural integrity and moisture resistance. Manufacturers typically add zinc to prevent mold growth. Summer and Winter cycles won’t cause engineered wood to warp and bend as cedar siding will.

Brick and stone veneers

Brick and stone veneers are a way to alter your home’s exterior appearance completely. The number of styles, layouts, and material choices is nearly endless for veneers. Often our clients choose this option over the expense of hiring brick or stonemasons. Veneers are also beneficial in that they never require maintenance.


Vinyl siding has progressed significantly in the past decade. The look options are numerous, and modern vinyl siding can last decades, making it an excellent choice for lower-cost siding projects.

fiber cement siding

Fiber cement siding is manufactured with cement reinforced by a fibrous cellulose base. Depending on the product, fiber cement siding can look like cedar siding or wood clapboard siding, or it can be styled with a more modern flat appearance. Fiber cement siding often comes prepainted or stained, saving labor costs. It’s not at risk of termite damage and will not warp or rot, making it an overall great product for re-siding your house, especially if you find a color and style you are happy with. This product is also fire resistant but without the hazards of asbestos containing materials.

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wood shingles

Wood shingles are typically made from Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Western Red Cedar, or eastern white cedar. Siding your house with natural wood looks beautiful. However, the cost of the material is relatively higher than most other siding options. Genuine wood also needs to be stained or painted, and regular insect-preventing treatments are essential to protect your siding from termites.

cement-bonded particleboard

Cement bonded particleboard is a relatively inexpensive material great for homeowners who want a modern look on their exterior and a low overall maintenance requirement. The cement makes the material insect resistant and unlikely to grow mold.

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